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If there's one thing many people get excited about, it's sports. Sports play a central role in the lives of many, whether they're couch potatoes or athletes. We follow our high school football with the avid eyes of a fan watching the Superbowl. We come out in force to support our colors when they play, whether it's at home or away. And we lift our best players onto our shoulders as an example of what we all aspire to. The Virginia Sports Hall of Fame is the ultimate showcase, not just of our best athletes, but also about proud sporting heritage.

The museum, which was established in 1972, immortalizes over 200 of our best sports figures. Not just the athletes we all love to watch, but also the teachers and coaches that helped them reach their potential, the team owners and administrators who gave them a shot a greatness, and the journalists who introduced them to us so that we could follow their meteoric rise to stardom. The Virginia Sports Hall of Fame is the first and last word on Virginia sporting history and the ideal place to visit for anyone interested in sports or state history.

If you're a sports fan, there will be plenty of inductees whose names you'll recognize. There's Wendell Scott, the first black driver in NASCAR, Nancy Lieberman, widely regarded as the greatest player in women's basketball, and Russ Potts, the former sports journalist turned state senator, just to name a few, along with slews of college and professional football, baseball, soccer, and basketball players. New inductees are added to the list every year, so real sports fans knows that return visits are a must to see the new displays.

In addition to immortalizing the life and careers of Virginia's finest sports figures in the Hall of Honor, the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame is also a great place to introduce youngsters to the fun and wonder of sport. There's an auto racing exhibit where you can see a real NASCAR and take a turn on the driving simulator and a huge digital theater where movies about sports are regularly shown. There's even a huge gymnasium and a training center where you can play football, soccer, baseball, and basketball or improve your sporting skills through displays and interactive games on sports medicine and nutrition.

If you'd like to visit the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame, you can take your vacation in Portsmouth, Virginia, which is within easy driving distance of Norfolk, Chesapeake, Williamsburg, and the Hampton Roads area. The Hall of Fame is open year round and offers special discounts to groups as well as for schools and field trips. If you're a member of a sporting organization or team, you can even rent their facilities for your annual events.

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