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Just because you're not gifted with freakish abilities and talents that will lead you to a career on the sports field doesn't mean you can't find some sort of other way to work in the world of sports. You don't have to stay at your day job the rest of your life only dreaming about sports. There are ways of finding yourself immersed in the world of sports and getting paid for it. You can become a sports journalist or blogger, you can teach at the varsity level and volunteer to coach after school sports programs, you can become a sports agent or you can get yourself a career in sports medicine.

If that last one intrigued you then you should keep on reading to discover more about sports medicine and whether or not a career in the field is for you. First off, let's tell you what sports medicine is. Sports medicine is a field of medicine that focuses on preventing, recognizing, managing, and rehabilitating injuries that are related to sports, recreational activity and exercise. Whenever you watch football games on your television set in your home and you see trainers coming out on the field to treat injured players you're seeing some in the field of sports medicine do their thing.

Any professional sports team will have their own sports medicine team that is full of highly skilled medical professionals. The most important members of the team include the Certified Athletic Trainer and team physician. You will always notice sports medicine teams on the sidelines of football games when watching them on your TV.

Responsibilities of the Certified Athletic Trainer include performing first aid care, initiating a treatment plan, designing and implementing rehab protocols, aiding athletes to achieve their highest level of physical activity before injury, purchasing supplies and keeping inventory, and completing all the necessary medical forms.

The duties of the team physician include supervising all pre-game physicals and thoroughly going over the medical histories of all players, giving players clearances to return to game action, and working with the rest of the medical sports team staff to develop training programs.

Certified Athletic Trainer and team physician are just a couple of examples of careers in the field of sports medicine. Other examples of jobs in the field of sports medicine include sports nutritionist and sports chiropractor. If sports medicine excites you and you follow through with a career in sports medicine then you might one day be on the field instead of watching from the sidelines.

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