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Take a walk through the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame while visiting and you'll be inspired to want to become just like the athletes that you see that have been enshrined to the hall of fame during the past. It's hard not to get swept up in the feeling of invincibility and athleticism while in a room celebrating the feats of famous athletes.

What you need to realize is that each and every one of the athletes that made it to the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame did so through hard work and determination. That means never taking a day off from the gym and treating their body like a temple, whether that meant running each and every day while using a pedometer to keep track of how far they ran or eating a strict diet to help their bodies become stronger and more powerful.

Whether you want to get in shape by riding a bike or to jog around the block of your neighbourhood a pedometer can be a very handy device in your quest to get in shape like the athletes honoured in the Virginia Hall of Fame. If you're unaware of what a pedometer is it's a device, usually portable, that counts every step you take through hip motion detection.

Pedometers can be used while walking, jogging, running or riding the treadmill in the gym; it doesn't matter how you use your pedometer, just that you use it. When first starting a physical fitness regime the first thing people decide to do is walk more, mainly because it's the easiest. Whether your plan is to walk to and from your home to work every second day or walk to the grocery store once a week you're going to want to have a set goal in place.

Once you know what that goal is you can use a pedometer to help keep you on track of your goal, as your pedometer will count how many steps you've taken and measure the distance you walked. Pedometers are useful because they encourage users to walk more if they haven't walked enough. The goal you set for yourself on the pedometer is one you want to reach and if you don't you'll be fueled to match your goal and possibly surpass it in order to get your recommended exercise!

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